[Shoji] What I Miss About Playing Live



This is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. I used to play live pretty often. Normally once or twice a week, I’d go out and just kinda be told what instrument I’m on and for how long, and that would be the more simple things. However, something I didn’t think I would miss much would be the actual setup.

I grew up in a small town that was pretty run down, so sometimes opportunities had to require some quick thinking.

There’s something really satisfying about getting to a venue and figuring shit out. Sometimes you get there and realize they don’t have a PA system, or very few outlets to power everything. There’s a lot of fun in in figuring out these puzzles, even if it’s stressful in the moment. Calling up everyone you know who might have an open PA to borrow, finding ways to do more with less, finding ways to extend what resources you have. It feels good to put it all together and put on a show!

When I moved for college those issues were a lot fewer, but there were still other challenges.

Playing Jenga in the back of somebodies hatchback because we didn’t have a van ready, and barely being able to scrunch on in with the gear with only the driver having a seat. Gear breaking or going missing, and occasionally getting lost. Always makes for some fun stories later, stressful in the moment.

What I miss most of all though I think I just miss the process of carrying things and getting them ready.

Getting clean cabling ready, the two man jobs to get amps up/down stairs because there was only a refrigerator of a cabinet available, testing everything but still not getting sound only to realize you forgot to plug the pedal board into the amp itself. It was probably the most physically fit I was between carrying everything and just moving around so much. Either then or playing tuba/sousaphone in school, which I guess both count. There’s something about the whole process that just feels right, and thinking back it definitely was something that was best for me mentally and physically. Good times.


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  1. BrimtoneVT Avatar


    Honestly it would be incredible to play stuff in-person and live together at some point. I had similar experiences in hackathons, I love the feeling of just MAKIN IT WORK and doing it with friends! It’s a nice ‘one day’ dream, though we could in theory do stuff locally too.

    (I need to practice more bass)

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